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DNA ladder & DNA markers


MBS offers a broad selection of DNA ladders/markers ranging from 10 bp to 48.5 kb, for accurate analysis of linear double-stranded DNA in agarose or polyacrylamide gels.

 Most DNA ladders/markers are available both in a convenient ready-to-use format (premixed with loading dye solution) and with out dye format (dissolved in storage (TE) buffer).

Our DNA ladders& DNA markers are manufactured and quality controlled to supersede all industry standards, making our the quality leader for DNA standards.
DNA ladders are made of chromatography-purified individual DNA fragments using a proprietary patent-pending technology for preparation of pharmaceutical grade plasmid DNA are used for the production of DNA fragments for our DNA ladders and DNA markers. As a result, these products are stable during prolonged incubations at room temperature and multiple freeze-thaw cycles.

In addition, except the regular ready to use format DNA ladder and DNA Markers, we also accept the custom ordered Markers. The DNA Fragments covering the 10-20,000 bp range. If the customer want the Individual DNA fragments that also available.

The Package of the DNA ladder and DNA markers can be small package or bulk package from 0.25ml to 1 Litter both OK. OEM and OED service for DNA ladder and DNA Markers also offerd.

Just tell us your inquiry, There is nothing we can not do!